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Do you need to rely on a psychologist to put assessment reports in the right context? Up to recently, you definitely had to. Now you can do it yourself - we will train you in a just a couple of days to perform these assessments yourself, professionally and online.


Get everything out of Zap-Q using the Certification Training. Learn about the ins and outs and make the best possible use of the Zap-Q personality survey. After our training, you are certified to apply this information in the correct way. This will enable you to make the right choices.

For Whom

The Zap-Q Certification Training is accessible for professionals who are professionally involved in the development and/or acquisition and selection of employees: HR advisors, psychologists, coaches, career counsellors, recruiters, trainers, organisation developers, managers and entrepreneurs.

There is no prerequisite for any sort of educational degree.

What does this training entail?

The Zap-Q Certification Training takes a total of two days. The training is offered in a group format. Groups will consist out of max. 12 people at a time.

Do you want customisation? That is possible! Zyvo offers this training entirely tailored to your organisation.

Why Zyvo?

  • Easy to install and ready to use

  • Link to your own competencies

  • Reports in your look & feel

  • Validated by University of Twente

Custom advice?

For more information and custom advice, call us on 088-166 0 500. Or make an appointment for a personal chat.

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