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Assess the competencies of employees from multiple angles.

360° Feedback

One's own perception about competencies might deviate from other people's perceptions. People claim to have qualities other people do not notice. The reverse is also true; people indicate they lack certain qualities while others think they are very good at it.

The 360° feedback assessment of Zyvo will anonymously review competencies of your employees. The employee receives feedback of everyone around them. An excellent mirror that employees will look into to receive specific feedback about their strong and less strong competencies.

Example 1

Example 2

Example 3

Why Zyvo?

  • Easy to install and ready to use

  • Link to your own competencies

  • Reports in your look & feel

  • Validated by University of Twente

Features of the feedback assessment

  • Clear surveys
    The objectives and methods of the feedback are clearly formulated. We guide you through the review process step by step.

    • Review multiple people simultaneously
    • Add anonymous comments per competency

  • Practical applicable reports
    The clear structure and clear graphical report -in your own corporate identity- make the 360° reports easy to read. You can create these reports in multiple languages.

    • Generate group reports with one push of a button
    • Create reports in your own corporate identity

  • User-friendly system
    The Zyvo system is user-friendly. A 360° feedback process is simple to start up. Afterwards, the system will automatically send invitations and reminders to selected candidates. At a pre-set date, you will see the report through your own portal.

    • Gain access to candidate data through your own portal
    • See at a glance the status of the 360 degree feedback process
    • Send and receive messages and reminders automatically
    • Determine the workflow yourself

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