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Map the potential of your employees

Zap-Q personality tests for development

Zap-Q personality tests for development

The Zap-Q personality survey helps to provide you insight in the potential of your employees in a fast, efficient and easy way. Zap-Q maps 24 work-related personality traits. On a competency level you will gain insight in the strengths and development areas of your employee. The survey has an adaptive character: the system knows which follow-up questions are the best ones. This will help you get a better view on the personality of your employee.

Example 1

Example 2

Why Zyvo?

  • Easy to install and ready to use

  • Link to your own competencies

  • Reports in your look & feel

  • Validated by University of Twente

Features of the ability-test test

  • Clear surveys
    The objectives and methods of the feedback are clearly formulated. We guide you through the review process step by step.

    • A complete personality image within half an hour
    • Developed by psychologists in cooperation with the University of Twente
    • Derived from the Big 5 model
    • Adaptive: follow-up questions based on previous answers
    • Based on the Item Response Theory (latest generation of personality research)
    • More reliable than classic test methods
    • Clear and visual reports
    • Use your own or our competency library

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